Industrial Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants
Industrial Lubricants
Industrial Lubricants

We’re not about to waste your time with unnecessary sales calls. – We see our job as coming in, evaluating your current situation, presenting cost-saving alternatives-then implementing the business solutions that you choose with as little disruption as possible.

A lot of suppliers talk about value added service. We live it. Ask the manufacturer who was planning on dumping 2000 gallons of hydraulic fluid before we showed them how we could filter their existing fluid for a fraction of the replacement cost. Or the machine shop who was consistently replacing pumps because the “experts” were selling him the wrong oil. Our tank monitoring service will ensure that you have product on hand when a hose blows on third shift or simply when it is time to perform PM’s.

Our sales representatives are highly trained and they are there when you need them. While many of our competitors are downsizing their support staff we are increasing ours. We were one of the first lubricant distributors in the state of Georgia to have an STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist on staff.

Our two major suppliers of industrial lubricants, Phillips 66 and, DA Lubricants have a broad line of products to satisfy most any application in any industrial facility. If you have a unique circumstance let us know. We also stock products from Chevron, Shell, Exxon Mobil, and others. We stock hundreds of different industrial lubricant products both conventional and synthetic. Below are just a few examples of the more popular products that we sell.

Hydraulic Fluids

Phillips 66 Megaflow AW HVI Hydraulic Oil – Phillips 66® Megaflow AW HVI Hydraulic Oil is a high-quality, high viscosity index anti-wear hydraulic oil developed for use in industrial and mobile equipment operating in cold climates or in locations subject to wide variations in ambient temperatures. It meets the performance requirements of all major hydraulic pump manufacturers and is recommended for use in all types of high-pressure, high-speed hydraulic pumps. It is particularly recommended for year-round use in mobile equipment such as bucket trucks, cranes and aerial lifts.

Phillips 66 Powerflow NZ Hydraulic Oil – Phillips 66® Powerflow NZ Hydraulic Oil is a high-quality, zinc-free anti-wear hydraulic oil specifically developed for use in industrial and mobile equipment operating in environmentally sensitive areas. It is specially formulated for reduced environmental impact in case of leaks or spills. It is non-toxic to fish and aquatic species as determined by OECD Test Method 203 1-12, and is classified as inherently biodegradable by the OECD Test Method 301B. It passes the visual “no sheen” requirements of the U.S. EPA Static Sheen Test

DA Lubricants PresurFlo FR ISO 46 – D-A PresurFlo FR™ is a premium, water-glycol, fire resistant fluid formulated with diethylene glycol. It is designed to provide optimum performance in hydraulic systems where fire resistant fluids are required.

D-A PresurFlo FR™ contains an adequate amount of water to prevent ignition that could occur in hydraulic systems operating under high pressure through sudden line ruptures or fluid contact with a high temperature source. PresurFlo FR™ includes additives that provide lubricity, corrosion protection and the overall performance demanded by today’s high- performance hydraulic systems. D-A PresurFlo FR™ contains no nitrites or nitrosamines.

D-A PresurFlo FR™ provides a high viscosity index, low pour point and excellent heat transfer and anti-foam performance. These properties along with the addition of an anti-wear component, provide extended pump life in systems operating under high pressure or overloaded conditions.

R&O Oils

Phillips 66 Multipurpose R&O Oil – Phillips 66® Multipurpose R&O Oil is a rust and oxidation (R&O)-inhibited, anti-wear circulating oil developed for use in circulation systems, centrifugal air compressors, geared turbines, lightly loaded enclosed gear drives and many other industrial applications. It contains a low level of ashless (zinc-free) anti-wear additive for mild wear protection.

Gear Oils and Greases

Phillips 66 Extra Duty Gear Oil – Phillips 66® Extra Duty Gear Oil is a premium quality, heavy-duty, extreme-pressure (EP) industrial gear oil developed for the lubrication of heavily loaded enclosed gear drives operating under moderate to severe service conditions. It is specially formulated with “clean gear” additive technology to minimize deposit formation and provide excellent gearbox cleanliness. It is recommended for use in all applications where the equipment manufacturer specifies an AGMA EP gear oil.

DA Lubricants eco-drill – D-A eco-drill™ is a readily biodegradable rock drill oil specially designed for use in extreme working conditions with percussive pneumatic tools, down-the-hole (DTH), and surface drilling equipment. This lubricant begins with naturally high viscosity index base oils for temperature shear stability and is formulated with our advanced ChemGuard™ additive technology.

The D-A ChemGuard™ innovative formula has a vigorous EP/ anti-wear inhibitor that reduces welding or scoring when under constant shock and high load situations. D-A eco-drill™ protects against rust and corrosion and contains a built-in emulsifier for severe circumstances where water and compressed air co-exist. A robust tackifier is added for the preferred adhesiveness that protects against undesired misting or when water spray is present and sustains its strength where superior lubricity is expected.

Phillips 66 Polytac Grease – Phillips 66® Polytac is a high-quality, multipurpose, non-extreme pressure (EP), polyurea grease developed for the lubrication of rolling element bearings in high-temperature, long life applications where extreme pressure protection is not required. It is particularly recommended for the lubrication of electric motor bearings, sealed-for-life bearings and other lightly loaded, high speed antifriction bearings.

Polytac is manufactured with high-quality base oils, select inhibitors and a non-soap, polyurea thickener. It has excellent oxidation resistance and high shear stability for long service life. It provides excellent protection against rust and corrosion and has outstanding resistance to water washout.

Polytac provides significant performance advantages over conventional soap thickened greases in high-temperature, sealed-for-life applications. It is also recommended for automotive and industrial applications where a shear stable, water resistant, non-EP grease is required.

Fluid Conditioning Services

HVP 902

Our fluid conditioning services remove water, air and solid contaminants from Hydraulic lube transformer and circuit breaker oils or other service fluids compatible with the unit’s seals and having a flashpoint of 200 F degrees or above. The Pall HVP Portable Fluid Purifier extends fluid life, reduces disposal costs, minimizes waste and increases equipment uptime. In one package – a compact, economical, easy-to-use fluid purification system for removing water, particulate and gaseous contamination from hydraulic, lubrication and transformer oils.

The immediate and long-term benefits are:

Reduced system wear

  • Less frequent component changes are required
  • Smaller spare parts inventory can be maintained

Improved system performance

  • Fewer costly operational delays
  • increased system reliability

Improved on-line performance

  • Less downtime resulting from service interruptions

Extended fluid life

  • Sharply reduced oil change out due to contamination; extended oil change intervals

Reduced fluid disposal costs and environmental risk

  • Sharply reduced need to transport contaminated fluids for disposal
  • Helps to minimize waste oil disposal costs