Construction & Commercial Lubricants

Construction & Commercial Lubricants

Quality Products Designed to Meet Your Construction Equipment Needs – R.W. Davis Oil supplies commercial lubricants for use in crankcases, transmissions, gear lubricants as well as lubricating greases. We offer a comprehensive choice of quality lubricants designed to meet the demanding needs of heavy-duty equipment used in construction. These products include high-quality motor oils that offer optimum protection and performance for all types of gasoline and diesel engines, especially those that operate in the hot, dust filled confines of construction operations. Our lubricating oils and greases provide protection against wear and rust and corrosion in critical parts found in all construction equipment.

Engine Oils

Kendall Super-D XA – Kendall® Super-D XA (eXhaust Advantage) Diesel Engine Oil with Liquid Titanium protection additive is a premium quality, part-synthetic API CK-4 engine oil developed for use in four-stroke cycle diesel engines designed to meet 2007 and later EPA on-highway exhaust emissions standards. It is specially formulated for compatibility with exhaust aftertreatment systems using diesel particulate filters (DPF), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOC) and/or selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It is back serviceable for use in pre-2007 diesel engines.

DA Lubricants Reliant Premium – D-A Lubricant Company developed Reliant™ Premium to respond to the new challenges of diesel engine protection. Formulated to exceed the basic industry standards, Reliant™ Premium offers users a truly differentiated option from the average engine oil. Compared to previous generations, or products just meeting the new standards, Reliant™ Premium will deliver:

  • Substantial engine durability improvements for long, reliable equipment life
  • Enhanced resistance to oil breakdown to maintain flow properties and maximize drain interval potential
  • Exceptional ability to suppress harmful acids generated in combustion
  • Confidence of performance in both new and older vehicle models (backwards compatible)

Phillips 66 Guardol Fleet EC Diesel Engine Oil – Phillips 66® Guardol Fleet EC (Emission Compatible) Diesel Engine Oil, formerly known as Fleet Supreme EC, is a synthetic blend API CK-4 engine oil developed for use in four-stroke cycle diesel engines designed to meet 2007 and later EPA on-highway exhaust emissions standards. It is specially formulated for compatibility with exhaust aftertreatment systems using diesel particulate filters (DPFs), diesel oxidation catalysts (DOCs) and/or selective catalytic reduction (SCR). It is backward serviceable for use in pre-2007 diesel engines.

DA Lubricants Reliant Diesel Engine Oil – Reliant™ is a new generation of diesel engine protection. Advances in diesel engine technology have escalated significantly from what existed a decade ago. Today’s engines are substantially more powerful and efficient than once imagined. Changes made to achieve this have created more severe operating conditions that place new levels and types of stress on the engine oil. In response to this, the lubricant industry has adopted new performance standards, designated as API CK-4. Engine oils meeting this new standard must deliver increased levels of engine protection and oil durability that meet the needs of new engine designs while simultaneously providing a higher degree of protection for older model engines. Equipment manufacturers are adopting elevated standards at the same time to meet the specific needs of their engine designs.

Heavy Duty Transmission & Hydraulic Fluids

DA Lubricants Torguard Transmission Fluid – D-A TorGuard™ is designed to meet the lubrication needs of heavy-duty automatic and powershift transmissions requiring Caterpillar TO-4 or Allison C-4 fluids. It is designed with outstanding friction control characteristics to minimize clutch slippage thus allowing complete power transfer for maximum equipment productivity. D-A TorGuard™ is fully compatible with fluoroelastomer friction material. This product is formulated with quality base oils and carefully selected additives resulting in a product which will provide maximum anti-wear protection and prevent glazing on friction surfaces. Special inhibitors are also present which limit oil oxidation even at high operating temperatures. Additionally, its fluid flow properties and elastomer seal compatibility make it an ideal hydraulic system lubricant when transmission fluid or engine oil products are recommended. Torguard is available in SAE 10, 30, 50, and 60 as well as a Full Synthetic SAE 30 option.

DA Lubricants Torguard FD SAE 60 – D-A TorGuard FD™ are performance engineered lubricants designed specifically for final drive axle oil (FDAO) type applications that require the Caterpillar FD-1 specification.
D-A TorGuard FD™ when used under normal operating conditions, can have drain intervals up to 3,000 operating hours. Special additives are added to control foaming tendencies while deterring pitting and scuffing within gears and bearings. In addition, the robust additive package controls rust and exhibits very good oxidation stability to combat contact fatigue within the drive system.

D-A TorGuard FD™ is not recommended for final drive components that contain frictional materials such as wet disk systems.

Hyken 052 Farm Tractor Lubricant– We don’t believe in selling a product that meets a specification that has been obsolete for 50 years. Some of the “yellow buckets” are exactly that! Kendall® Hyken 052 is a multi-functional fluid specially formulated for use in farm tractors and other off-highway equipment requiring one lubricant for the transmission, final drive, wet brakes, and hydraulic systems. It meets the performance requirements of all major brands of farm tractors and other farm equipment that utilize a common fluid reservoir.

Hyken 052 is recommended for use where the equipment manufacturer specifies:

  • AGCO Power Fluid 821XL, Q-1826, Q-1802 (Type 55 Fluid), Q-1766B
  • Case IH MS1210, MS1209, MS1207, MS1206
  • Case New Holland (CNH) MAT3525 (134-D Fluid), MAT3506, MAT3505
  • Caterpillar TO-2 (obsolete)
  • Denison Hydraulics HF-0, HF-1, HF-2
  • Ford ESN-M2C134-D, ESN-M2C86-C, ESN-M2C86-B, ESN-M2C41-B
  • Ford-New Holland FNHA-2-C-201.00
  • John Deere JDM J20C, J20D (“Low Viscosity” grade), J14C (Type 303 Fluid)
  • Kubota UDT Fluid
  • Landini Tractor II Hydraulic Fluid
  • Massey Ferguson CMS M1145/M1143, M1141, M1135, M1129A
  • Sundstrand Hydrostatic Transmission Fluid
  • Vickers (Eaton) M-2950-S, I-286-S
  • Volvo VME WB 101 (VCE 1273.03)
  • ZF TE-ML 03E, 05F, 17E, 21F Hyken 052 Plus also meets API GL-4 performance requirements.


Phillips 66 Multiplex 600 Grease – Phillips 66® Multiplex 600 is a high-quality, multipurpose, extreme pressure (EP) lithium complex grease developed for the lubrication of automotive and industrial equipment operating under heavy loads and at moderate to high temperatures. It is recommended for use in a variety of automotive, agricultural, construction, mining, and industrial applications. It is NLGI GC-LB certified for use as a multipurpose automotive wheel bearing and chassis lubricant.

Multiplex 600 is manufactured with high-quality base oils, a special polymer, and a lithium complex soap thickener. It is fortified with EP and antiwear additives plus rust and oxidation inhibitors. It has excellent thermal stability at high temperatures, high load-carrying capacity for excellent wear protection, and protects metal parts against rust and corrosion. Its tackiness properties and heavy base oil provide a high level of adhesion to bearing surfaces maintaining an effective seal to help minimize bearing contamination, improve retention, reduce leakage and provide excellent resistance to water washout.

DA Prolith Grease – D-A Prolith is a general purpose lithium grease formulated for excellent mobility and pumping ease in centralized lubrication systems. Prolith No. 2 grade offers better low temperature grease delivery to critical lubrication points than most No. 1 grades. The red color makes this grease easy to identify during application and operation. The combination of EP (extreme pressure) additives and a stable soap structure results in a high-quality grease capable of protecting heavily loaded machinery, while remaining in place.

Special blend of extreme pressure additives limits wear and reduces friction in normal and severe machine service. Rust and corrosion preventatives protect both ferrous and non- ferrous metals in damp or corrosive environments. Red color makes Prolith easy to identify during application and operation. Good shear stability and bleed resistance protect against grease leakage and help control lubrication costs. Pumps easily from tubes and other types of containers, perfect for use in central lubrication systems or in all weather conditions. Meets the performance requirements of NLGI LB rating.