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Industrial Lubricants from Chevron and 76 Lubricants

Industrial Lubricants
Industrial Lubricants
Industrial Lubricants
We’re not about to waste your time with unnecessary sales calls. - We see our job as coming in, evaluating your current situation, presenting cost-saving alternatives-then implementing the business solutions that you choose with as little disruption as possible.

A lot of suppliers talk about value added service. We live it. Ask the manufacturer who was planning on dumping 2000 gallons of hydraulic fluid before we showed them how we could filter their existing fluid for a fraction of the replacement cost. Or the machine shop who was consistently replacing pumps because the “experts” were selling him the wrong oil. Our tank monitoring service will ensure that you have product on hand when a hose blows on third shift or simply when it is time to perform PM’s.

Our sales representatives are highly trained and they are there when you need them. While many of our competitors are downsizing their support staff we are increasing ours. We were one of the first lubricant distributors in the state of Georgia to have an STLE Certified Lubrication Specialist on staff.

Our two major suppliers of industrial lubricants, Chevron and ConocoPhillips, have a broad line of products to satisfy most any application in any industrial facility. If you have a unique circumstance let us know. We also stock products from Shell, Exxon Mobil, and others.

Chevron Transmission and Gear Lubricants
Chevron Ultra Gear Lubricants - ISO 68, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680 - Chevron Ultra Gear Lubricants are premium, multipurpose gear lubricants ideally suited for gear sets and bearings exposed to extremely high temperatures and loads. They meet the demulsibility specifications of U.S. Steel 224 and AGMA 9005, offering proven protection against water-related damage.

Chevron Ultra Gear Lubricants provide a non-corrosive protective layer on gear teeth, resulting in superior wear protection, extended service life and lower operating temperatures that rival synthetic performance. They are recommended for all types of industrial gears.

Chevron Gear Compounds EP - ISO 68, 100, 150, 220, 320, 460, 680, 1000, 1500, 2200 - Chevron Gear Compounds EP are multipurpose gear lubricants formulated for high film strength and load-carrying capacity to protect gear teeth from wear, surface distress and premature failure. These multipurpose gear lubricants offer improved thermal and oxidation stability, extending gear life. Chevron Gear Compounds EP are recommended for all industrial enclosed gearing and wherever an AGMA EP lubricant is specified.

Chevron Industrial Oils
Chevron - Construction & Commercial Lubricants
Chevron - Construction & Commercial Lubricants
Chevron Hydraulic Oils AW - ISO 10, 22, 32, 46, 68 - Chevron Hydraulic Oils AW are premium hydraulic oils designed to meet all major pump manufacturers' requirements for protection of hydraulic pumps. The oils demonstrate high oxidation stability, yielding dramatically longer service life than conventional hydraulic fluids.

These oils are designed for use in vane-, piston- and gear-type pumps and perform especially well in cases where hydraulic pressures exceed 1000 psi.

Chevron Clarity® Hydraulic Oils AW - ISO 32, 46, 68 - Chevron Clarity Hydraulic Oils AW are zinc-free oils formulated to meet or exceed the performance requirements of conventional antiwear fluids while providing an additional level of environmental safety. All grades are approved Denison HF-O, while ISO 32 and 46 are approved against Cincinnati Milacron P-68 and P-70, respectively. ISO 46 meets both the Vickers antiwear requirements of M-2950-S for mobile hydraulic systems and 1-286-S for industrial hydraulic systems.

Chevron Clarity Hydraulic Oils AW are inherently biodegradable and pass the EPA's acute aquatic toxicity (LC-50) test. These oils have better oxidation stability in extreme heat than vegetable-based oils, preventing fluid degradation and increasing equipment efficiency.

The hydraulic oils are designed for use in the vane-, piston-, and gear-type pumps of mobile and stationary hydraulic equipment in environmentally sensitive areas. They are especially well suited for applications that exceed 5000 psi as found in axial piston pumps.

Chevron Rock Drill Oils Vistac® - ISO 46, 100, 150, 320 - Chevron Rock Drill Oils Vistac are formulated with chlorine-free additive chemistry and meet the critical lubrication demands of percussion rock drills. The oils meet all of the performance requirements of Ingersoll-Rand, Gardner-Denver and Sullivan.

The superior EP performance of these oils provides maximum protection against heavy shock loads typical of rock drill service, while the excellent tackiness and emulsification provide an adhesive lubricant film that will not wash off with incidental water. Because these oils are ashless, low in odor, chlorine-free and have low toxicity, environmental and disposal concerns are minimized.

Chevron Rock Drill Oils Vistac have proven excellence in all air-operated tools, such as jackhammers and drifters. They are ideally suited for the lubrication of enclosed gears and industrial plain and antifriction bearings. Additionally, their ability to stay put makes these oils appropriate for oncethrough application, such as on chain drives.

76 Industrial Oils, Gear Lubricants, and Lubricating Greases 
76 Lubricants76 offers a comprehensive choice of quality industrial oils, gear lubricants and lubricating greases designed to cover a wide range of manufacturing operations. These premium-quality oils and greases provide optimum performance and protection in all types of manufacturing machinery 16 metalworking fluids provide ideal machinability with a wide range of metals.

76 lubricating oils and greases provide consistent, stable performance over a wide range of temperatures and operating conditions. They protect against wear and provide excellent rust and corrosion protection to critical parts found in all types of machinery. Formulations with special additives offer long-life protection for bearings, gears and other critical machine, motor and engine parts. The result: reduced maintenance costs, minimum downtime, and maximum system Iife.

Fluid Conditioning Services
HVP 902 Our fluid conditioning services remove water, air and solid contaminants from Hydraulic lube transformer and circuit breaker oils or other service fluids compatible with the unit’s seals and having a flashpoint of 200 F degrees or above. The Pall HVP Portable Fluid Purifier extends fluid life, reduces disposal costs, minimizes waste and increases equipment uptime. In one package - a compact, economical, easy-to-use fluid purification system for removing water, particulate and gaseous contamination from hydraulic, lubrication and transformer oils.

The immediate and long-term benefits are:

Reduced system wear
  • Less frequent component changes are required
  • Smaller spare parts inventory can be maintained
Improved system performance
  • Fewer costly operational delays
  • increased system reliability
Improved on-line performance
  • Less downtime resulting from service interruptions
Extended fluid life
  • Sharply reduced oil change out due to contamination; extended oil change intervals
Reduced fluid disposal costs and environmental risk
  • Sharply reduced need to transport contaminated fluids for disposal
  • Helps to minimize waste oil disposal costs

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