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Automotive Lubricants from Kendall Motor Oil & Chevron

Chevron Automotive Lubricants
Chevron Automotive Lubricants
Chevron Automotive Lubricants
Kendall Motor Oil Greater Savings, Longer Equipment Life, Better Results - Our customers know the difference. Drivers everywhere are on the road longer thanks to high-quality lubricants and motor oils. You see not everyone distributes lubricants and motor oils that take advantage of years of formulation. Building on that experience our suppliers develop the next generation of unconventional base oils that deliver even higher synthetic-like performance and better value. More importantly, that experience and expertise delivers products with longer lasting results.

There’s talk these days about how all lubricant brands are basically the same. Oil is oil, grease is grease. Talk to some one who has switched to Chevron. You’ll get a different story, about cost reductions and extended equipment life they did not think possible. The Chevron difference is fundamental, simply put you stand gain savings you’ve been missing. You can have it tomorrow; it’s available in many of our key products.

  • Chevron Delo® 400 Multigrade Motor Oil
  • Chevron Tractor Hydraulic Fluid
  • Chevron Machine Oil AW ISO 100
  • Chevron Lubricating Oil FM ISO 100
  • Chevron Ultra Gear Lubricant ISO 220
  • Chevron Delo® Grease EP NL GI 2
  • Chevron Turbine Oil GST ISO 100
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